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Inland Speed Rules and Policies

General Track Day Rules
  1. Minimum age for ALL participants is 18 years of age.
  2. Participants will NOT consume ANY alcoholic beverages during a track event.
  3. Absolutely NO drugs will be allowed at the track. Each rider is responsible for his/her actions on and off the track. We will hold each member responsible for any infractions of these rules by him/herself or any crew or family member associated with the rider.
  4. Pit Speed is limited to 10mph
  5. Helmets are required in the pit while riding a motorcycle.
  6. There will be NO STOPPING on the track at any time. Each rider must raise his/her hand when coming off pace or exiting the track.
  7. All participants are to follow the direction of the course marshal and any corner workers, failure to do so can create a safety risk that could affect others.
  8. The Course Marshal is in control of the track at all times.  The course Marshal’s word is final.
  9. Failure to follow these rules will be punishable by eviction from the facility with no refund and will also prevent any further involvement with the organization in the future.
  10. All bikes must meet the following requirements:
    1. All mirrors must be taped over or removed
    2. Headlights/tail lights and turn signals must be taped over, no visible light be seen.
    3. All mechanicals must be in good working order.
    4. Tires must have a minimum of 30% tread left and no visible defects.
    5. No oil leaks. No exceptions.

Registration Policy

When you reserve a spot by prepaying the registration fee, it guarantees you a spot for that particular event. We limit the number of riders per class to ensure you an enjoyable experience. Once a group/event fills up, we will not accept any more registrations. Prepaying also gives you a lower price for the event than paying at the track.

Once you sign up, you are committed to the event, even if your bike is broke down or you have a family emergency! So unless the event is cancelled there are no refunds or credits, except as noted in the Cancellation Policy.

Cancellation Policy

Registered riders may make a cancellation up to 7 days before his/her scheduled event date and will be refunded minus a $25 processing fee. Cancellations made within seven days of your scheduled event will not be refunded. If you prepaid for an event and do not show, you forfeit your registration fee.

Cancelled Event Policy

If an event is cancelled due to weather or any other reason determined by Inland Speed or Spokane County Raceway, you get a full refund for the event. Please allow 48 hours for refunds to be processed.

If the event is cancelled on the day of the event, a make-up event will be scheduled and you will automatically be registered for the make-up event. A request for refund must be made within 48 hours of the cancelled event notice or your registration fee will be automatically credited toward the schedule make-up Inland Speed event.

Inland Speed reserves the right to cancel any scheduled event for any reason, and we will notify all customers as early as possible if this occurs.

Rain-Out Policy
As with any motorcycle track day, Inland Speed events will operate in rain or shine. Riding in the rain is an excellent way to improve your bike feel and control. It also lets you feel the limits of traction at lower speeds.
If heavy rain is occurring at the start of the event and it looks like it will continue all day, Inland Speed will meet with track management and determine if the event can be rescheduled. If you have arrived at the event, paid for the event, and signed the “Inland Speed Official Liability Release” form at our check-in table. Then you will be eligible to attend the rescheduled event. There will be no refunds for rain-out events.
In order for an event to be rescheduled due to heavy rain, it will be determined by Inland Speed and track personnel that there was heavy rain occurring for more than half of the day. There may be a small fee for eligible riders to attend the rescheduled event if, for example, we operated for part of the day and have incurred EMT, or other costs.

Camping Policy
Sunday night camping is available upon request. After you sign up, send us an email if you are interested in camping.

Release of Liability Language
All riders are required to fill out and sign our Release of Liability form, which will be provided at our morning check-in counter. The release will have the following language.

RELEASE: I, (print name) ________________________________,
hereby release, and agree to hold harmless, the Inland Speed, LLC., the promoters, the owners
and the lessees of the premises, the participants, and the officers, directors, officials, representatives, agents and employees of them all, of and from all liability, loss, claims and demands that may accrue from any loss damage or injury (including death, loss of limb and permanent disability) to my person or property, in any way resulting from, or arising in connection with this event, and whether arising while whatsoever, I know the risk and danger to myself and property while upon said premises or while engaged in an event or preparation therefore, or while upon said premises or while participating or assisting in this event, so voluntary and in reliance, upon my own judgment and ability, I thereby assume all risk for loss, damage or injury (including death, loss of limbs and permanent disability to myself and my property) from any cause whatsoever.

AGREEMENT: By my signature below, I hereby agree to the terms of the above release and
further agree to abide by any special regulations in all participation with this event. I certify that all of the information I have provided to Inland Speed, LLC., including my age, identity, and experience, is true and freely given for the purpose of participating in this track event and that I have no medical conditions that could impair my ability to operate a vehicle in this event.

PRINTED NAME: _____________________________________________

SIGNATURE: ________________________________________________ DATE: ___________

EMERGENCY CONTACT NAME__________________________________

EMERGENCY CONTACT PHONE NUMBER:________________________

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